What is a keyword and how to select a keyword? | 2021

Hello, Friends today we are going to talk about keywords. What is a keyword and how to select a keyword? As you read the title already. So, let's start.

 If you are a blogger, you will always hear about keywords. The keyword is very important, how to search for the keyword, how to use the keyword, etc... This trio has a lot of topics related to the keyword or what is the keyword in everything?

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What is a keyword and how to select a keyword?


If you are new to blogging, you may not know about keywords. You don't know what a keyword is and how we use it in our blog or website. So this article will be helpful for you because in this article we will know what a keyword is and how to choose a good keyword, along with what keywords are available.

What is a Keyword?

Keyword (said) tells the search engines that your blog or website is about which topic. Search engines look for the specific word that we call the keyword in any article to calculate it.

For example, if you write “make money” 2-4 times in your blog article, the search engine will notice that your article above makes money. And when a visitor makes money or searches for a related word on Google, the tab post will show up on the top search page.

Any keyword you are targeting for a search engine that does not use over one limit is playing keyword stuffing that even Google Spamming can understand.

To help you understand this, write a post here that the user or search engine donor likes, or keep in mind the keyword density of how many times you have to use your keyword.

Keyword Types | What type of keyword is this?

You may understand that in blogging, keyword means the word despair is writing a post or we want that if some one searches for it, then our post will come in search.

Just one keyword is not enough to write a post, it is necessary to have a good keyword. You can use Google Keyword Planner to do keyword search which is absolutely free, you can also use Google Search. , which automatically suggests how to search for logs.

There are two types of keywords

  • Short Tail  Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword

    1. Short Tail Keyword

When we select a keyword to write a post, it is our major target which we have to rank, if it is the major topic then it will be our keyword.

The short keyword shows that the computation is too high, or if it is posted on a website in a better way than before, your post will not rank. But if you rank the short keyword too, you will get good traffic.

    2. Long Tail Keyword 

There is a topic with which we can add some extra keyword that is a long-tail keyword. In this, we can explain a topic more. Example shows:

  1. Short Tail Keyword  = Make money online
  2. Long Tail Keyword = Make money online from blogging

Now you will be clear, what is Short Keyword or Long tail keyword .. or what is the benefit of using long-tail keyword, there will be less computation, no matter how many sites there is use tail keyword.

So my suggestion would be that you select a keyword that has low computation, meaning you haven't written a post before on a blog, you need to add these words along with short keywords so it works like a long-tail keyword.

After selecting a good Keyword, it is important to use that keyword correctly, only then you will get the right result. 

Tips for adding the keyword in an article

  • In Post Title  
  • Post Permalink (post link)
  • Heading, H2, H3
  • First in a paragraph 
  • Image Name in .. (How to Make Image SEO Friendly)

In order to understand this or the best way you can understand On-Page SEO, it will be clear to you how to use your keyword.

To make a post popular, pay close attention to SEO when your blog gets traffic.


Hopefully, now you have cleared what the keyword is and what it is, even after that if you have any questions, you can comment and ask.

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