How to Install a Blogger Template? | 2021

Do you have a blog but it's no good looking? You're worried about your blog not have a friendly look.

Or you have a blog and you don't know how to install a theme in it, so today we will learn how to install a template in a blog. 

So, today we are going to learn how to install a blogger template.

Install a blogger template
Install a Blogger Template 

Please follow the steps;

Step 1: Download File

First of all download the theme which you want to be install. If you have nothing best theme then download it here.
After downloading the template file then click Show in the folder. 

Step 2: Extract File

Now see your template file is in the zip file. Right-click and extract-file in a folder. 

Step 3: XML File

After extracting the file you see many files, find the XML file right-click, and open it in notepad. 

Step 4: Select Code

Now select all the code which you see after open the XML document in notepad. CTRL+A & CTRL+C

Step 5: Open Blog Dashboard

Now, open your blog and go to the theme option.

Step 6: Edit HTML

Now, click the Customization button and click edit HTML.
If you want to backup your current theme, then click the backup button.

Step 7: Paste Code

Click on the current code and press the keyboard key CTRL+A & CTRL+V. After pasting the code click on the save changes button (upper right corner of coding).

In just 7 Step you can "Install a Blogger Template" successfully. 


If you want to get Google AdSense approval, you need to Install the SEO Friedly blogger template. Without installing an attractive theme you can't get AdSense approval. A good template makes your blog look good and that is why more and more people come to your blog. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and you know; how to convert a blog into a professional website and how to install a blogger template in a blog. If you have any questions regarding this article ask me by comment.