How to write SEO friendly article - For beginners - 2020

What do you want to write an SEO-friendly article? 

Writing an article is not difficult but to rank it in the google search console is very difficult. I want to share my experience with you. Mostly I see the beginners blogger who writes a good article and works very hard but can't achieve success. Why? The answer is that they can't write an article according to google search console engine. Yes, I say SEO friendly article. Today, I'm going to tell you how to write SEO friendly article. So, let's start it. Please read carefully don't skip any point.

Write SEO friendly article
Write SEO friendly article 

First of all, we discuss the main parts include in SEO. 

SEO ( search engine optimization)

SEO stands for search engine optimization. As here we talk about articles and we know articles search on the google search bar. So, it is the search engine of google ( google chrome). Actually, in SEO we tell the google what about the article I write and on which keyword or topic I share knowledge in it. So, when anyone can search for a topic related to my article google pick my article on top pages. It is possible only when I write an article according to google search engine rules (SEO). 

There are two types of SEO one by one we discuss:
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

To rank your post in google search optimize the content is called on-page SEO. Optimize your content is very important to rank your article. In this process, you have a focus on some important points in which keyword research, title, headings, subheadings, keyword density, internal linking, meta description, permalink, etc. We will discuss all of them one by one.

Write SEO friendly article
Write SEO friendly article

Keyword research

"The topic on which we can write an article has specific words to identified the article, the specific words called keywords." If you want to rank your article then must you first keyword research. Now, the question of why we research a keyword? The answer is keyword research tools tells us:
  • VOLUME ( searches of that particular keyword/per month) 
  • COMPETITION (how many people work on this keyword)
  • CPC (its stands for Cost Per Click)
Different tools are used for keyword research in which some are paid and some are free. Now, if you are beginners then a free tool for you which I suggest is SEMrush, The Hoth, and Ubersuggest.

You can choose a keyword whose VOLUME is high, COMPETITION is low, and CPC is also high.

Now there are two types of keywords:

keyword research by techno bilal

    1. Long-Tail Keywords

In long-tail keywords, more than 2 or 3 characters are used. It is easy to rank as compare to the short-tail keyword.
Example: How to write SEO friendly article. or How to create a blog account. etc.

    2. Short Tail Keywords

In short tail keywords, less than 3 characters are used. It is difficult to rank as compare to a long-tail keyword.
Example: On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO etc.

Also, read 


The major heading of the article is called title. It plays the most important role in SEO. So, you must add your keyword in the title. You can also add it first or mid of the article but strangely can't add it at the end of the keyword. 
Example: How to create a blog account for free in 2020. It is the title the underlined word is a keyword. In this case, I put my keyword in the title.

Headings & Sub Headings

H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. are called headings and subheadings. It has also a very important role in SEO. Because the google before scanning our article to see the ability to rank position, first of all, see headings and subheadings. So, for an SEO-friendly article, you must add your keyword in each heading.


The URL of your post or article is called permalink. It is also the part of On-Page SEO to write SEO friendly article. So, you can also add your targeted keyword in the permalink. 
Note: Once you add a keyword in the permalink and save the settings then you can't change your permalink. So, be carefully add the keyword in the permalink.

Post Description

The introduction of your article or post is called post description. It is also a part of your SEO which plays an important role to rank your article on a specific keyword. You can add your targeted keyword in the first 50 words of the description.

Internal Linking

Place links in your post of other related posts or linked your articles to each other is called internal linking.
To link your articles to each other by internal linking decrease your bounce rating. After decreasing your bounce rating your ranking is increased. 

Image Optimization

To write SEO friendly article and rank your post in the google search engine you can optimize your image. It plays a very important role in SEO. How? When we search in the google search bar and filter the searching in images then google picks the images from different platforms. To optimize the image add your keyword in alt text and title of your article in title text.

Loading Speed

Increase the loading speed of your article which also play important role in SEO/ranking. When the size of the article is large then its loading speed also decreases. If the size of the article is small then also its loading speed increase. Now, what you know that Google prefers fast-loading speed articles. If you make the best ranking then maintain the size of your article. Use images after optimization, size of images doesn't cross 50kb to 60kb. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO we attract traffic from other websites and different platforms. As we make backlinks by a comment on other websites it is also called off-page SEO. It plays a very important role in ranking your article. 
Now, we discuss backlinks.


Place the link of your website on another website is called a backlink. In this process, the traffic of the website where you place link attracts to your website. And by backlink google crawler increase your domain authority.
There are two types of backlinks:
  1. Do-follow backlinks
  2. No-follow backlinks

Do-follow Backlinks

In do-follow backlink, the website where you create backlink give you traffic and also support you for ranking in the google search console. The website where you create backlink suggest the google to rank this website. In other words, this website gives a guarantee of our website. This is the importance of do-follow backlink, traffic, and also support.

How to create do-follow backlinks?

Creating a do-follow backlink is not easy but not impossible. Do follow backlinks also two types; Low-quality backlink & High-quality backlink. Low quality backlink the website which gives us backlink have low authority domain. And in High-quality backlink, the website which gives us backlink have high authority domain. Several ways of creating backlinks one by one we discuss some.
  • Make backlink with Guest Post
  • Make backlink with Comment

Do follow backlink with Guest post

Creating a do-follow backlink guest post is an easy and good way. Some websites give us a facility of a guest post. Here we write a short quality content related to our article and link this guest post with our website article and post it. It gives us traffic and also supports ranking. It will increase the authority of our domain.

Do follow backlink with Comment

In this process, we search for a good authority website whose monthly traffic is very high. We can request this website for giving us a do-follow backlink by a comment on the article. Mostly websites demand money for backlink and most of them give us a do-follow backlink free.

No-follow backlink

Creating a no-follow backlink is very easy as compare to a do-follow backlink. The process is the same as in do-follow. But the difference is that In no-follow backlink the website where you create a link just give you traffic not give support. In other words, it can't take your website guarantee.

Tools to write SEO friendly article

There are several tools which give us the facility to write SEO friendly article. Mostly tools are paid but it gives us some tools free to use and advanced for paid. Some tools we discuss:


It is a very amazing tool for content writers and bloggers. It is a paid tool but its some features are free, in which 10 keywords suggested keywords and 1 article we can write after login with Gmail account. Overall it gives us a trial to use it how it works etc. If you are beginners then you must use it with its free features to develop your skills.

write SEO friendly article


2nd tool which I suggest you write SEO friendly article is Ubersuggest. It is a very amazing tool and it is too paid tool. But more features are free as compare to SEMrush. It gives us a facility for keyword research (volume, CPC, Competition, etc.). Also, suggest how to write SEO friendly article.
Write SEO friendly article


I hope this article is very helpful for you. Overall I give you a suggestion that if you want to rank your article then follow all the above topics. One more thing I want to tell my readers is that what you understand in this article please apply this. Because "PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT" so, you want to achieve success than practice, practice, and practice. Everything does with your hand. If you have questions, then ask without any hesitation in the comment box. I will fully support you, and try to solve your problems. I always stand for you to be happy to live happily. 

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