Top 10 SEO Friendly Free Blogger Templates | Google AdSense Friendly

"Top 10 SEO Friendly Free Blogger Templates," which are also "Google AdSense Friendly," just for you.

Everyone wants "Google AdSense Approval" but, I want to ask you a question, what your website is able for AdSense? Yes, or No! Most people use the blogger provided template. If you want "Google AdSense Approval" then for your knowledge, In blogger provided templates you can't get approval. If you want to get "Google AdSense Approval" you must have to use "SEO Friendly Templates" which help you very much. And give you all advanced features, which make your blog very responsive, and give an exceptional look. 

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What is SEO friendly Template?

You know nowadays Google AdSense is applying very sticky rules for approval. SEO friendly template makes the website very responsive and easy to access for users. More traffic comes and Google recommends this website for showing ads.

Today, I brought "Top 10 SEO Friendly Free Blogger Templates" just for you. 


SEOYARD is a blogger SEO friendly template. It is very responsive and easy to use for users. SEOYARD has a quick loading speed and the simplest design with a highly optimized structure. It helps to create an outstanding website on any niche. Try it paid and free both options are for you.


Features of this free template:

  1. 100% SEO friendly template
  2. 100% Google AdSense friendly template
  3. Easy to use for user
  4. Fast loading speed
  5. High-quality design
  6. Mobile friendly 
  7. User friendly 
  8. Use for different niche
  9. 404 pages
  10. E-Mail subscriber
  11. Social Media icons
  12. Featured, Recent, and Random posts
  13. Megamenu
  14. Header and footer bars
  15. YouTube videos 
  16. Auto read more with thumbnail
  17. And a lot of Widgets, etc.

2. ULite

Ultra-lite blogger theme user-defined and very easy to use with lite weight. It is the very ultra-lite weight of the template. It is created by Template yard. As it is a lite weight template so that's why it has a very high loading speed. They load this theme with simple and useful features. SEO friendly, ready template, and also Google AdSense friendly both facilities are available. If you are interested in Google AdSense approval, then I recommend this theme for free. Because it is responsive. You can also try it, both free and for advanced featured you can purchase.


Features of this Template:

  1. SEO Friendly Template (100%)
  2. Google AdSense Friendly (100%)
  3. Easy to Customize 
  4. Easy to use 
  5. User Friendly
  6. Fast Loading Speed 
  7. Sticky Sidebar
  8. Pages( Contact us, Privacy Policy)
  9. Main menu
  10. Social Counter
  11. Ads ready
  12. Featured post
  13. Random post
  14. Most popular post, etc.

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Om Beauty blogger template is a minimalist blogger free theme. It has a sleek appearance with an outstanding design. They design this theme for blogger users easy to use and customize. It converts your blog into a professional website. The creators of this template are GOYABI company which gives you a very responsive and user-friendly template. For free and use its advanced features it is also available for paid. It is a futuristic theme that can create any blog. Yes, you can use it for different purposes according to your niche. It has a quick loading speed that helps you in off-page SEO. You must try it;


Features of this Template;

  1. Ads ready
  2. AMP
  3. SEO friendly template
  4. Responsive
  5. User Friendly 
  6. Off-Page help
  7. Fast loading speed
  8. New design in the blogger world
  9. Easy to customize it 
  10. 3 Columns and 2 Sidebar
  11. Tabbed Widget
  12. Post-Thumbnail
  13. Email Subscriber Widget
  14. Social Media Icons
  15. Page Navigation
  16. Footer Column
  17. Sidebar
  18. Pages, Main menu, & Sitemap.

4. Mono

Mono Blogger template is a free blogger theme. It is a very simple theme. Mostly used black and white color in it. Automatically fit on screen size and manage everything for the user. Easy to customize and easy to manage. Mono has a very outstanding design. Latest schema structure with the best SEO structure. Fast loading speed which helps in Off-Page SEO. You can try it;


Feature of this Template;

  1. SEO Friendly Template
  2. AMP Blogger Template
  3. Ads ready 
  4. Google AdSense Friendly
  5. High Loading Speed 
  6. Easy to Customize
  7. User Friendly
  8. Post thumbnails
  9. Vertical drop-down menu
  10. Page Navigation
  11. Footer column
  12. Instagram ready
  13. Sidebar
  14. Browser Compatibility
  15. What's app Sharing 
  16. Google, etc.

5. Gaming-X

Gaming-X Blogger Template is a gaming-friendly multipurpose heavy customized blog theme with a high and outstanding design. If you are interested in a gaming blog then this template is just for you. Easy to customize and easy to use for users. It helps you build a high-quality gaming website. Means convert your blog into a professional blog. It is an AMP blogger template that shows its loading speed. That means it has a high loading speed. SEO friendly that helps you in ranking your gaming articles. And also help you in Off-Page SEO. If you are interested in Gaming-blogging, then you can use this template;


Features of this Template;

  1. AMP Blogger Template
  2. SEO Friendly Template
  3. Ads Ready 
  4. Responsive
  5. Slideshow
  6. Drop-Down menu
  7. Easy to customize
  8. Beautiful black Color
  9. User Friendly
  10. Header Social Media icons
  11. Footer menu bar
  12. Free of cost available
  13. Megamenu
  14. Search bar
  15. What's app sharing
  16. Fast loading
  17. High quality
  18. Best Arrangement of content
  19. WordPress themes look 
  20. 3D Style

6. Sora Shop

Sora Shop Blogger template is an e-commerce blogger template. It is very responsive and well an excellent design. Convert your blog into a WordPress website. With a quick loading speed, it is easy to use. Means user-friendly amazing viewing with the user. It is a very amazing shopping site in Blogspot. We can use it for many products like Fashion, Sports, Furniture, etc. You can add different products to their categories. It is a fully responsive blogger template. You can also add ads by Google AdSense. It is very easy to customize. Add payment method as you want also add your privacy policies as you want.
You must be used if you are interested in e-commerce websites; 


Features of this Template;

  1. SEO Friendly Template
  2. Google AdSense Friendly 
  3. User Friendly
  4. Easy to use 
  5. Easy to customize
  6. Add everything as you want
  7. Change Categories
  8. Social Media icons
  9. Megamenu
  10. Contact details
  11. Pages
  12. Header & Footer
  13. Movie
  14. Personal Pages
  15. Navigation
  16. Tabbed Widget
  17. AMP
  18. Ads ready
  19. E-Commerce Blogger website
  20. Elegant look
  21. Instagram ready, etc.

7. FB NewsRoom

FB NewsRoom blogger free template is a very awesome blogger template that looks like a professional website. It is a very responsive blogger template with a very fast loading speed. Means it is an AMP blogger template. This theme has a very clean and elegant layout. Also, it is SEO friendly and Ads ready theme. If you upload daily articles like news, Facebook updates, tech, tips, or social media news then this theme perfect for you. This is a highly optimized theme that carries professional features. I suggest this template you must try it and share your opinions with us. 


Features of this Template;

  1. SEO friendly Template
  2. AMP
  3. Responsive
  4. Mobile friendly
  5. Google AdSense friendly
  6. Ads ready
  7. User friendly
  8. Easy to use
  9. Easy to find 
  10. Easy to customize
  11. Instagram ready
  12. Browser Compatibility
  13. 3D Style
  14. Fast Loading
  15. Email Subscriber option
  16. Breadcrumb Navigation
  17. Drop-down menu
  18. Social Bookmark
  19. Tabbed Widget
  20. Whatsapp Sharing
  21. Google


Food-Up blogger free template is an amazingly designed theme. It is a beautifully crafted food and recipe blogger template. It is very cleaned designed with super elements. All credit for Gooyabi Company. It is a very responsive blogging blogger template with a new generation structure. It has a super-fast loading speed. It means the AMP blogger theme. This new blogger template supports Google's new schema update. It can't show any error during your journey of blogging and in Google's AdSense. It will support you to build a great website. Try it free blogger template. You can also use its premier version.


Features of this template;

  1. AMP Blogger Template
  2. SEO Friendly Blogger Template
  3. Ads ready
  4. Fast Loading Speed
  5. Amazing Design
  6. New Generation
  7. Easy to Customize 
  8. User Friendly
  9. Minimalist 
  10. Portfolio
  11. Responsive
  12. Footer Column
  13. WhatsApp Sharing
  14. Browser Compatibility
  15. 3D Style
  16. Vertical Drop-Down Menu
  17. Page Navigation
  18. Sidebars
  19. About the Author 
  20. Header & Footer Menus, etc.


Malina Beauty Blogger Template elegantly looking very professional. It is an AMP blogger template and also SEO friendly. It has a quick loading speed. Easy to use and easy to customize. It can very exceptional display on desktop, iPhone, Android, and Tablet. With an outstanding display layout. Every tool is a unique and new generation in the blogger world. This is an amazing theme that is a craft with everything perfect. You can use it for different niches; like news, sports, movies, tech, tips, software, and a lot of other which you want. It can convert your blog into a professional website. You may try it;


Features of this Template;

  1. AMP 
  2. SEO friendly Template
  3. Responsive
  4. Easy to Customize
  5. Ads Ready
  6. User-Friendly
  7. Modern
  8. Magazine
  9. Gallery
  10. Stylish
  11. 3D Style
  12. WordPress Themes Looks
  13. Portfolio
  14. Gallery
  15. Header & Footer menu
  16. WhatsApp Sharing
  17. Mega Menu
  18. Social Media Icons
  19. Google AdSense Friendly
  20. Footer Column, etc.


Sora Viral Blogger Template is a uniquely viral blogger theme. This theme is famous for its uniqueness and outstanding look. This theme comes from various widgets that will support you in building an amazing Blog. The most important feature is dark and light means day and night mode option. This will support you in front of your users' good impression. This is most of the promising and mark blogger template. It has a quick loading speed. And Top SEO Friendly free Blogger Template. If you can use Google Ads to earn money, then this is best for you because it is Google AdSense Friendly blogger template. It is available in both free and paid versions. Try it you are interested in it.


Features of this Template;

  1. SEO friendly Template
  2. AMP
  3. Ads Ready
  4. Google AdSense Friendly
  5. Responsive
  6. Photography
  7. Culture
  8. Personal pages
  9. Business
  10. Instagram Ready
  11. Browser Compatibility
  12. User Friendly
  13. Breadcrumbs Navigation
  14. Elegant
  15. WhatsApp Sharing
  16. Modern
  17. Gallery
  18. Header & Footer
  19. Mega Menu
  20. Social Media Icons, etc.    
These are all top 10 SEO Friendly Free Blogger Templates just for you. These are all Google AdSense Friendly Templates. If you are writing for earning, then please use SEO friendly Templates. Because Google recommends these templates Google can't give AdSense Approval on Blogger recommended theme you can try these themes. 


Overall, I recommend you to try one of their themes for your blog. These themes have all the features that Google requires. Use one of these themes and get your website ready for 70% Google AdSense Approval. This theme will turn your website into a professional website and in it, you will find every future you need on your website. All these themes are absolutely free. If you want to use their advanced features, you can also buy them at a cheap price. If you like this article and found it helpful for you, then please like it, Follow it and Share it with your friends. Thank you! ALLAH HAFIZ.



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