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You will have heard about making money from the internet, but what is really possible to earn money from home. Yes, it is possible. Thousands of people work from home and earn a lot of money. Well, there are many ways to make money online, but today we will learn about Blogging/Blogs. "You don't need a lot of investment to make money from the internet, you can start your own business, with just a computer and an internet connection." This content may be a bit long, but if you read it carefully, you will benefit a lot.


Create a blog

What you will learn in this post:

    What is Blogging/Blogs?

    The word blog is derived from Weblog A blog is a kind of personal diary. "The only difference is that a personal diary is limited only to you, but a blog is like an open book in front of the whole world." In it, people share their experiences, information, and ideas according to their thinking and work. 

    The bottom line is that people can share their experiences with others through blogs. In simple words, all this work is called blogging. "When we create a blog and start sharing our knowledge in it, we are actually doing blogging. Because we are doing all this work through a blog, that is why it's called blogging."

    Types of Blogging/Blogs

    Let's take a look at the most popular types of blogs that exist on the internet:

    Types of Blogging|Blogs

            1. Food Blogs,                                                                  2. Fashion Blogs, 
            3. Music Blogs,                                                                4. Travel Blogs,
            5. Gaming Blogs,                                                             6. Event Blogs,
            7. Health Blogs,                                                               8. Lifestyle Blogs,
                9. Sports Blogs,                                                              10. Finance Blogs,
              11. Business Blogs,                                                          12. Personal Blogs,
              13. Political Blogs,                                                           14. Movie Blogs, 
              15. News Blogs,                                                                16. Fitness Blogs,
              17. Poetry Blogs,                                                              18. Tech Blogs, 
              19. Guest Blogs,                                                              20. DIY Blogs,
              21. Affiliate Blogs,                   AND                              22. Digital Blogs etc.


    A niche is a topic on which, we write our blog. In simple words, we can say that the topic which we chose for blogging is called a niche."

    Benefits of Blogging/Blogs

    "The positive results of any work come out when we do it positively." To get the positive results of blogging, you have to do it positively. In today's era of development, blogging/Blogs have many benefits. Some of which are as follows:
    • It gives a person a chance to learn a lot and share his voice with others.
    • This causes the human mind to start thinking very broadly.
    •  It becomes a means of sharing one's knowledge and experiences with others.
    •  It gives a person a position and does not make him feel weak, which builds his self-confidence.
    • The blog forces the blogger to write. From which man keeps on moving on the path of progress.
    • "The biggest advantage of this is that it allows a person to earn money at home. This means that it also helps you financially."($$$)
    • Solves our problems and makes our lives easier, keeps us in touch with the world, and provides us with new information every day.

    List of Blogging/Blogs Platform

    Let's take a look at the most popular websites, which allow you to create a free blog, some are as follows: 
    "In this, many platforms do not provide Domain & Hosting, but www.blogger.com gives us this facility blogger.com is a Google platform that gives us free Domain (blogspot.com) and Hosting for a lifetime."

    What is Domain & Hosting?


    Hosting is the space on the Internet, where we keep our website files. These are actually big computers, we also call them supercomputers or SERVERS. Which gives us storage on the Internet. Many hosting companies are working. We have to pay them a monthly or annual fee for this work. So, that we can store our data on the Internet, and people can easily access our information from the internet.
    "The bottom line is that space on the internet is called Hosting."


    The domain shows the address of our website that people search in their browser (URL). This is actually called DNS, which means the Domain Name Server is the server in which our website files are stored.
    "The bottom line is that the address of our website is called Domain (DNS)."


    All the computers are connected with one another through IP address these IP address work backend and DNS (Domain Name Server) work on the frontend. "For our convenience, Google has converted the IP address into a domain name on the frontend."
    Example: IP (123.116.453.) & DNS ( www.yourwebsite.com).

    Best Platform for buying Domain & Hosting

    Many companies offer domain and hosting services, the most popular of which are:
    These are the most popular companies which provided Domain & Hosting.
    If you want to purchase a very cheap price Domain & Hosting then, click here.

    Google Account/Gmail Account

    The blog is Google's platform. Before creating a Blog Account, you need to create your Google Account / Gmail Account. This is great if you have a Google Account. If you don't have a Google Account, click here
    Create Gmail Account

    Steps to create Google Account is mentioned below;
    • Click the above link (click here).
    • A new window is open, as seen in the photo above.
    • Enter your First name and Last name.
    • Enter a unique email address (You can use periods, numbers & letters).
    • Enter a strong password.
    • Then click next.

    • Enter your phone number for verification.
    • Enter another email, if you have for better security.
    • Enter your date of birth.
    • Enter Gender male, female, or other.
    • Then click Next.
    • The last step is to confirm your number and activate your Google account.


    Create a Free Blog Account on Blogspot.com

    Creating an account on a blogspot.com is very easy. Let me tell you again, you can create a free blog on Blogspot.com. After creating a Google account, you have to go to the Google search bar option and type Blogger.com. Then something like this page will open in front of you or click here.

    Create a Free Blog on blogspot.com

    Now Follow these steps:
    • Click on Create your Blog button.
    • Enter a name for your blog (Title), which displays on top of your blog.
    • Choose a blog address (Domain Name) or URL.
    • Choose a Theme for your blog then click save.
    Note: Here, many people make the mistake of selecting a URL that already belongs to someone. You can't make this mistake. You have to keep the URL of your blog that does not match anyone else. 

    How we can make money online through Blogging/Blogs

    There are many ways to earn money on a blog, but today we will talk about only two:
    • Google Adsense
    • Affiliate Marketing

    Google Adsense

    We can make money on the blog through Google AdsenseIn blogger.com, it gives us the facility to make money by connecting our blog with Google Adsense. In which we put advertising ads on our website, people come and see the ads with our website, in return for which we get paid from Adsense.

    Affiliate Marketing

    We can also make money through Affiliate Marketing on the blog. Now we know what affiliate marketing is?
    "Affiliate Marketing means selling someone's products online. For that, we have to connect with big companies and do marketing with them. They give us a link, and if someone takes something from them through our affiliate link, they pay us to commission accordingly to the product."


    Today, we read what the Blogging/Blogs are? How we can start it with the free investment? How can we earn money through it? You must practice everything you read in this post. I hope you have benefited from it. All the knowledge I have given in this post is only for beginners. I will definitely teach you advanced level blogging in a few days later. "For this, you can follow my blog, share with friends, and express your valuable opinion in the comment box."
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